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Adventure Motorcycling Tour in China

Introduction for China Motorcycling Tour by NAVO
Among the few professional tourism companies in China, NAVO runs adventurous tour and featured tour. We set up our business including motorcycling since 1993.

Among these adventure tours, motorcycling tour and self-driving tour and was developing as two of the most popular and classical activities of NAVO Tour. As one of the first travel companies organizing motorcycling tours and self-driving tours for foreign travelers, NAVO has been one of the most experienced and professional adventure tour companies in China in this field.

Our first self-driving group was from Germany. They drove their own vehicles through China in 1994.

Our first motorcycling group was also from Germany in 2004.

With the assistance of NAVO, travelers can travel in China by their own private motorcycles, no matter what kind of motorcycle you use, two-wheeled, three-wheeled or four-wheeled motorcycle, we can help with the paperwork, permits and driver license processing etc. Moreover, a foreign-language-speaking tour guide from NAVO will escort you to during your motorcycling tour in China. As for some groups that ask for a leading car, NAVO will send the most hand-picked vehicle to serve the groups in line with their requirements. It is all up to the request of our clients.

◆ NAVO Basic rules of organizing motorcycling tours
1. Tour guide
The same as self-driving tours, based on the related laws and regulations of China, a tour guide is also required to accompany motorcycle group during the whole trip in China.
2. Local escort vehicle
Different from self-driving groups, it is very difficult for motorcycle groups to offer a spare seat for our tour guide. So, in principle, we will arrange an escort car to carry the guide and assist the group.
3. Foreign escorting vehicle
For big motorcycling groups, we suggest you to use your own escort vehicle. For small groups or solo riders, we suggest you to try to team up with other self-driving groups which are able to offer a spare seat for the guide, you can also share some costs with each other.

◆ NAVO Basic steps of organizing motorcycling tours

If you have already understood and agreed with the above basic rules for foreign self-driving tour in China, it is great for NAVO to start to discuss and organize your foreign vehicle self-driving tour in China. Please note the basic steps as follow:

1. Contact NAVO and make out a practical itinerary.
We hope you could contact NAVO as early as possible, then confirm some basic information about your self-driving trip in China, includes but not limited in tour duration, entry and exit ports/dates, group size, and some additional service for hotel reservation etc.; As mentioned above, please contact NAVO 2-3 months in advance before you arrive at China border.

2. Trip quotation and booking
We will provide quotation accordingly, please pay 30%-50% as the booking deposit if you would like to reserve your trip with NAVO.

3. Paperwork preparation and processing
While we received your deposit payment we will provide you the document list. Please send us all necessary documents follow the list then we will start to process the related paperwork.
As mentioned before, the paperwork takes 1-2 months to be finished (depends on your travel route), so please be sure you have enough time to prepare all the documents which could send all documents to us at least 1-2 months in advance.

4. China entry process
Please enter China as per the confirmed date. NAVO’s tour guide will meet you at the border on time and assist you to accomplish the border procedures accordingly.

Motorcycling tour is very professional and special in China. For more details about the rules, documentation, licenses processing etc. please contact us: en@navo-tour.com; fr@navo-tour.com; de@navo-tour.com;
Our professional motorcycling tour consultants will guide you step by step patiently.

◆ Share travel experience of NAVO
Please click here to see our tour albums! http://www.navo-tour.com/en/album/. We promise every photo was from our group.
Travel in China with your own motorcycles, contact the professional travel agency-NAVO!


◆ Overview of our motorcycling group records
The description of a part of NAVO past groups from all world which NAVO organized for Motorcycling tour in China is on the following:

First Motorcycling Tour organized by NAVO
According to the make of motorcycle:
First BMW Motorcycling Group: 2004.
First Suzuki Motorcycling Group: 2011.
First Royal Enfield Motorcycling Group: 2012.
First Yamaha Motorcycling Group: 2013.
First KTM Motorcycling Group: 2013.
First Honda Motorcycling Group: 2013.
First Triumph Motorcycling Group: 2013.
First Haley Davidson Motorcycling Group: 2014.
First Mercedes-Benze Motorcycling Group: 2015.

According to the nationality of client:
First German Group: 2004
First British Group: 2009.
First American Group: 2011
First Italian Group: 2011
First Swiss Group: 2011
First Austrian Group: 2011
First Canadian Group: 2011
First Swedish Group: 2011
First Australia Group: 2011
First Belgian Group: 2012
First Dutch Group: 2012
First New Zealand Group: 2013
First French Group: 2013
First Chilean Group: 2013
First Malaysian Group: 2013
First Norwegian Group: 2013
First Lithuanian Group: 2013
First Singaporean Group: 2014
First Thai Group: 2014
First Polish Group: 2014
First Latvian Group: 2014
First Russian Group: 2014
First Czechic Group: 2015
First South African Group: 2015
First Indonesian Group: 2015
First Israeli Group: 2015
First Jordanian Group: 2015

To be continued…

◆ Well-known Group Organized by NAVO and had been reported both inside China and all over the world through the media like TV/Magazine/News paper/Website)

8. 2015 French: Season 2- Love in heart-Unique Tuk Tuk drive around world

If you constantly concern our well-known group, you may find that on end of 2013, we’ve organized a local Tuk Tuk long journey to France group and assist for their China section: 3 French young men, after finish their volunteer work in Laos, they processed this wonderful journey under Children of the MeiKong’s subsidization. The purpose for that journey is to disseminate love and charity. On end of 2015, another 3 French young men made the similar trip from Laos to France with another Made-in-Thailand Tuk Tuk. NAVO is glad to help them through China and we extend our love together them!

Guests website: http://www.facteursdumekong2.com/

Photo: http://www.navo-tour.com/en/album/motorcycling/


7. 2015 US & International: The Epic Journey

Combined by 11 motorbike and 1 support car, totally 17 members from America, Latvia, UK, France and Indonesia respectively. They started the journey from Riga, and ride through Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, then entered China in the early of Sep via Erenhot border, after that, ride through Beijing, Guoliang Tunnel, the Silk Road, and then toward the southeast and feel the ethnic cultured in Guangxi. Final end the tour in Hong Kong. The Epic Journey cost 69 days (34 days in China), nearly 13,000 miles in total.

Photo: http://www.navo-tour.com/en/album/motorcycling/


6.2015 UK & International: Ace to Ace, From London to Beijing

The famous locomotive culture site, London Ace Café was extended and enter into Beijing, China. To promote and support this event, a UK well-known riding group create and organize a significant expedition: motorcycling from London to Beijing as Ace to Ace Event. This exceptional 12 week motorcycle expedition traverses the fabled Silk Road across a formidable expanse of territory, with a rich tapestry of cultures to uncover and extraordinary roads to ride. 14 motorbikes take the road less travelled, through countries where tourism is only in its infancy. 

Riding for 80 days of 19300km they finally arrived at Beijing on July, 2015. It’s honored for our NAVO to involve in such splendid event for China section again: the Tibetan Plateau and the route to Everest, Eastern China of the Giant Pandas, Terracotta Army and Great Wall.

Photo: http://www.navo-tour.com/en/album/motorcycling/


5. 2013 French: Love in heart-Unique Tuk Tuk drive around world

On September, a local Tuk Tuk made in Thailand was going to a long journey. This is a special self-driving group: 3 French young men, after finish their volunteer work in Laos, they processed this wonderful journey under Children of the MeiKong’s subsidization. The purpose for this journey is to disseminate love and charity.

There is few group of Tuk Tuk all over the world. The "Tuk Tuk" was made in Thailand. They started at Cambodia, entered from Mohan border of Yunnan, China. After cross the most part of China they leave from Horgos border of Xinjiang-China, they will continue to Kazakhstan, and finally returned to France via Eurasia. The China Part was organized and assisted by NAVO Tour. This is also the first Tuk Tuk driving group organize by NAVO recently years.

After organized the group type of sedan, classical car, RV&Truck, motorcycle, electric, gas, and fire engine, the Tuk Tuk group update NAVO Tour’s group type list. NAVO is also looking forward to new and magical group type.



4.2013 International: Chasing the Dream-Motorcycling group via Eurasia

A large-scale riding group, who is the first one from Paris to Beijing, entered China through Torugart (China – Kyrghyzstan border) on July. It consists more than 50 participants and about 8 nationalities are involved (French, German, Swiss, Swedish, Norwegian, Italian, Belgian, American etc.). The group ride along the famous Sill Road and final arrived in Beijing.

We’re very glad that NAVO once again takes part in such magnificent trip by arranging all processes in China part, assists and helps all the heroes complete their epic expedition with our experienced and professional service.

Photo: http://www.navo-tour.com/en/album/motorcycling/2013_Rallye_Moto_sur_la_Route_de_la_Soie/


3.2013 Malaysian: Witness on world records creating

The world endurance tour and challenge by 5 experienced Malaysian international riders to Create A New World Record on two wheels round the globe that spans 33 countries, 201 days and a journey of 45,500 km. This adventure active was sponsored by the Malaysia Prime Minister.

NAVO Tour as the operator of China part arranged all the process and helped them experience in China. In July, they leaved from Chengdu and head to Beijing. NAVO is glad to participate in such great journey which can make a new world record.

Photo: http://www.navo-tour.com/en/album/motorcycling/Malaysia_BMW_motorcycle_riding_trip_2013/


2.2011 International: Motorcycling-Discover China, discover our earth

A large group drove their motorcycles crossing China from Yunnan to Xinjiang province along part of famous Silk Road for 21days.The member of the group came from USA, Germany, New Zealand, British and other European counties, totally 21 motors.

Photo: http://www.navo-tour.com/en/album/motorcycling/round_the_world_motorcycle_tour_2011/


1.2006 France: “Modern Forrest Gump” running across the Eurasian

(Trans-Eurasia; Paris-Shanghai-Tokyo, 19097.3KM; 260Days, 17hour, 52minute) Serge Girard is known as the French Modern Forrest Gump after making the Running record. Dozens of media cover this Tour. And the mainstream media CCTV (China Central Television) also made three special reports. December 18, 2005, Serge Girard started from Paris, France, and began the great journey across the Eurasian continent. He entered China with his team (Including saloon car and a French SUV) on April 28, 2006 from Xinjiang Kashi to China. 77 days of uninterrupted running through China: Xinjiang - Gansu - Shaanxi - Henan - Anhui – Jiangsu after he ended in the July 12, 2006, Shanghai for the China section. At the same time, 2-French vehicles from the Shanghai port shipping exit. The left section is from Paris to Shanghai, and then to Tokyo, the whole 19097.3 KM. Total time 260 Days and 17 hours 52minutes. During the China section, NAVO did the recce for the project in Xinjiang in 2004 and Tibet in 2005, and arrange the 2 support vehicles self-driving in China 2006.

Guest’s website: https://www.sergegirard.com/trans-eurasia/index.fr.html/

Photo: http://www.navo-tour.com/en/album/serge_girard/

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